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Who is Brew Tees?

Brew Tees® was established in 1988 with the aim to design and print great quality, one of a kind T-Shirts for brewpubs and microbreweries. We started an online T-Shirt of the Month Club back when you couldn’t use your phone and internet at the same time; we were one of the first companies in Maine to have a website! We have a long history of embellishing quality t-shirts and other products with world class artwork.

Our first account was Gritty McDuff’s, the first brewpub in Maine. Their designs were really complex and no one could screen print them well, we did and this opened our eyes to a market where our craft at developing custom artwork and following through with complex separations was really appreciated. By 1990 we had cultivated the Brew Tees brand and in the ensuing years we have enjoyed being the preeminent supplier to the craft brew industry of cutting edge apparel, promotional products and as always, one of a kind, custom artwork.

Our Mission

With our history with the craft brew industry, Brew Tees’ goal is to offer the most comprehensive online brew-related e-commerce site available. Our parent company, GA Gear, is devoting its energies and a large part of its resources to attaining this goal. We have hired a vibrant, smart young staff to help Brew Tees remain innovative and forward-thinking, in step with today’s craft brewing scene.

The craft brewing scene has grown dynamically in the past few years and continues to flourish. We want to grow and change with the industry as we always have, and to promote that growth among brewers and craft beer enthusiasts alike.

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Putting on a Wicked beer event?

We’re the team to help make it happen! Brew Tees® has done events at all levels in different parts of the country, from designing the t-shirts to running the whole retail program on-site and online.

We’re thrilled every time we get the opportunity to lend a hand and use our experience to help make an event as fruitful as it can be. With our knowledgeable staff we can make the process easy. If you’d like our help planning your next beer event, contact Jon Chamoff.